System Mechanic 10 for 50% off + get extra 3 months FREE

by Baby Coupon Mom on December 29, 2010

System Mechanic 10

System Mechanic 10

Now you can get the System Mechanic 10  software for 50% off and it’s only $24.95.  For a limited time, the System Mechanic comes with  3 months FREE.  It’s like paying $24.95 for 15 months.

A review of System Mechanic from the New York Times.
“I saw some very noticeable improvements after running System Mechanic. For instance, boot-up took 1 minute, 57 seconds before I ran System Mechanic, and only 58 seconds after. A restart was 2 minutes, 19 seconds before, and 1 minute 40 seconds after. Time to load a graphics?intensive Web site like CNET was 3.8 seconds before and 2.1 seconds after. Firefox launched in 9 seconds before and 6 seconds after.

The software also enabled the laptop to more efficiently use its CPU while displaying video. For instance, CPU usage maxed out at 93 percent when launching before running System Mechanic but only 58 percent after. More efficient CPU usage will enable you to more smoothly run multiple applications.”

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