Diaper Deals: Get 2 Packs of Diapers for only $4.99

by Baby Coupon Mom on February 17, 2011

Walgreens Diaper Deals

This week at Walgreens, their store brand diapers are on sale Buy One Get One Free.   In the Infant Care Coupon Booklet available at Walgreens, you find a $2 off coupon for Walgreens Brand Diapers. (Ususlly these booklets are located near the Pharmacy).

This is how you get the deal:

  • Buy 2 (or multiples of two) diaper packs: $8.99 x 2
  • Wait until Cashier hit total (-$8.99 BOGO sale)
  • This should bring your total to $8.99 for two packs
  • Hand over the $2 coupon from the booklet (it should takeoff $2 x number of diaper packs you got)
  • Now your total should be $4.99 + tax for two packs of diapers.


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