How to find diaper coupons: Find out how to get coupons for diapers FREE

by Baby Coupon Mom on June 3, 2011

Huggies diaper deals

Diaper Deals

Baby diapers are expensive; however, there are great ways to save on diapers. Learn how you can get diaper coupons and reduce your baby expenses until your baby is potty trained.

  1.  Best ways to get diaper coupons is to visit manufacturer websites and sign up for coupons.  For example, Pampers, Luvs,  Huggies, allows  you to sign up for mailing list, and sends you diaper coupons by mail.  These manufacturers’ sends you free samples of diapers which include s great coupons as well.
  2.  Sunday paper is another great resource to find high value coupons.  Ask your family, friends and coworkers for coupon inserts saved for you.  Also, if you go to the gas stations who sells newspapers, they may keep you the inserts from unsold newspapers.
  3. You could also find coupon clipping services online to buy the whole inserts or individual coupons for cheap.
  4. ebay is also a great resource to find coupons.  At ebay you may find not only diaper coupons but also coupons for groceries, and store coupons etc. 
  5.  As you know, in most stores you can combine store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons.  Ask the front desk for their policy and available coupons, and look out for coupon booklets at the front of the store, or throughout the store.  For example, at Walgreens you may find great coupons at the front, near the pharmacy, as well as at individual isles.  Also, Publix has great coupons in their flier, as well as at the front, and don’t forget to grab one while you are there.
  6. You could also get printable coupons online.  For example, offers great diaper coupons for Huggies diapers etc. also offers printable store diaper coupons, which you could combine with the manufacturer’s coupons to save more. 
  7. Next time you visit your pediatrician, look for coupons at the front desk or ask for them.  They get great high value coupons, not only for diapers, but also for over the counter medication, formula and clothing as well. 
  8. always has great diaper deals, which you could combine with Amazon diaper coupon codes to save more.  Subscribing to baby related magazines including, Parents, Baby Talk magazine etc gives you access to high value diaper coupons and online coupon codes which you could use at  There are great ways to get these magazines free.  For example, check out your Babies R Us store to see whether you can find a free copy of the American Baby Magazine near the front. 

What is your method to save on diapers and get free diaper coupons?  We would love to hear from you.

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