Carpet installation Cost Estimate (price) per square foot (or per square yard)

How I Got a Great Deal on Carpet Installation – Low Prices Per Square Yard

Carpet Installation Prices Per Square foot or square yard

Getting a best carpet installation price estimate per square foot (or per square yard), and how to get the best deal would be the first question one would ask when they are ready to change their flooring. If you search the net, you would see a range of prices for carpet installation, and vary from $2 and up depending on the area you live. I am sharing here my experience in getting a great deal on carpet installation.

Getting Started: Taking measurements for carpet installation

First thing I did was, getting the measurements on the area of the carpeting. To do that, I have drawn a simple sketch using Excel, and entered the room sizes including the closet sizes. Usually, carpets come in 12 feet or 16 feet width, and thus when taking measurements that was also considered. For example, when you have a hallway of 24 feet long and 4-5 feet wide, you may be able to use a 12 foot long carpet to cover the area.
Now I have the total square foot of the carpet installation area, as well as the square foot size of the individual rooms and areas on an excel sheet which I would be able to use for getting a quote from various places. If you do the measurements right, when they come over to get their measurements, you will know if they over-measured (which would be the case in most times, as installers charge per square yard, they may measure more than needed which would cost you more in materials (which you actually don’t need), as well as in installation.

Carpet installation Quotes

With this information in hand, I went to a major home improvement service provider, and checked at the pricing of the carpets, as well and the carpet pad and the installation cost. They had great promotions on installation, however, the pricing of the carpet and the pads per square yard seemed high for my budget. The pricing of the medium grade carpet I was looking for was around $2.75 per square foot with the pad, which comes to $24.75 per square yard of carpet and pad. I liked the idea of getting the service done with a reputed company, however, still wanted to check out the pricing from local carpet installers.
Then I called two carpet installers in the area which I got the contact from friends, and asked for a free estimate. They agreed to come to the house and provide a free quote for carpet installation, and agreed to provide the materials (carpet, and carpet pad, and other supplies) as well. The pricing for the square yard of carpet and pad were very high with one quote, however the installation price was $4 per square yard which seems reasonable.

In the other quote, the price of a square yard of carpet and pads was $7; which was very low compared to major retailers (and they would not tell where they get the materials); however the installation price was $7 per square yard which is $3 more than the other quote.

Hunting for the best carpet and installation prices

So far, by comparing prices at major retailers as well as local installers, I got two valuable information.
1. In my area, the carpet installation prices could go as low as $4 per square yard.
2. There are some places, that you would be able to get a carpet and pad for $7 or less per square yard.
With the information, I searched for whole sale carpet prices in the area, and came up with more than 10 hits. When checked their websites, two stores listed that they get the carpet directly from manufacturers, and they have specials going on. Based on the information, I called three different stores, and asked for pricing which of course varied from $6 and up depending on the quality of the carpet.
I went to the stores with a sample of carpet and the pad I liked (which I selected from a major retailer), and of course when I tried to match, the pricing seemed high. And, I was informed that if I choose a carpet that is in stock, they could give me a better deal, and they have a installer who could do the installation for $4 per square yard.
I selected the best match for the carpet, and the pad for my specifications, and told the store that if they could sell them for $7 per square yard, I would agree to get their service right then. As I expected, they agreed after some bargaining, and I paid half of the price, as promised.

Carpet Installation Price

Then I met the installer at my house, who measured the amount of carpet closer to my measurements. When come to pricing, I asked him if he could do better than $4 for installation if I could pay him cash or by a check. I am glad I asked. He agreed to do the installation for $3.75 per square yard. Yeah…

On the installation day, it seemed that at most places (low traffic areas), the existing carpet pads were really good, and not needs replacing. The installer did a great job in cleaning up, and carpeting on the existing pads in most areas, and took almost half of the carpet pads back to the store, which save me even more (although they gave me a bundled price for carpet and pad, the invoice had a broke down price for the carpet and pads, which helped in returning the materials).
At the end of the carpet installation, I was happy with the pricing I got for carpets as well as with the service. It may seemed too much work, however, got the best pricing for a square yard of carpet & installation, and it saved me in hundreds.

Did you get a great deal on a home improvement project?  I would love to hear from you.

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